Friday why's


Why is it so hard to find the perfect t-shirt?! I found the best t-shirts around 5-6 years ago at Target. They were made by Mossimo and were v-neck with a little pocket and the way they fit was perrrrrfect. They weren't too tight/fitted and were just the right length. They were also cotton and not that gross latex-y material that wrinkles the second you put a seat belt on. But now, I can't find anything similar anywhere. Now, t-shirts come with built-in chokers. I just want a classic t-shirt, dang it. Oh, FUN FACT: Did you know the designer Mossimo is married to Aunt Becky from Full House, Lori Loughlin? Yep. They've been married since 1997 and have two daughters.


What's up with Khloe Kardashian's selfie overload and her tongue sticking out of her mouth? A friend of mine pointed this out to me because she may know how much I can't stand when people take photos with their mouths open, and especially when their tongue is hanging out. Because, why?! Who wants a photo of that -- your tongue, just frozen in time? No one. Keep your tongue inside your mouth, where it was when you were born. 

What's up with Vanderpump Rules? Do you watch this shitshow? I've watched since the very beginning, and loved watching these 20-somethings and their drama. But, now...they're in their 30s and they still have the SAME drama, which is centered around a bunch of mean girls, and their men who can't go out without cheating on their girlfriends/wives. Pretty sad. I'll be surprised if this isn't the last season.

Why do I keep saying "I need a massage" and then I don't get one? It's not like getting a massage is a really time-consuming thing to do, and it is a form of therapy, so it's not even the same thing as going to get your nails done (which, in a way, can also be a form of therapy, I suppose). So, why do I keep putting it off? Seems silly. I'll schedule one today.


I've never been more into hoodies, jeans, joggers and sneakers more than I am now. #momlife. I used to recoil and break out in hives just thinking about sneakers. I went years -- YEARS -- not owning a pair. I lived in heels, wedges and only sometimes...flats. But, now -- I'm a little sneaker lover. I should do a separate post on the variety of sneaks I adore. Currently, though -- I'm rocking my North Face Micro Baffle booties. Whatever "micro baffle" means.

What the heck are you supposed to do when the weather goes from 12 degrees to 45? I was wearing my winter coat out of the house, but then broke into a sweat in the store. Gross. Should I be peeling off my coat when I walk into a store and do what...stuff it in the cart? Or just buy more deodorant? 

 S’all for now. Happy Friday and don’t forget about the Rae Dunn giveaway! Share with yo’ friends!