Live in fear? No thanks.


With everyone talking about their New Year resolutions and making all of these life/personal changes, I started thinking...

Should I be doing that?

Thing is, I'm always trying to grow, adapt, make changes and live a life I'll be proud to talk about to my son and possible future grandkids...mistakes and all. But, I get it -- a new year is a great jumping-off point and anything that gets your mental juices flowing is a good thing.

In my social media scrolling, I saw a quote from Eleanor Roosevelt: "Do one thing every day that scares you." REALLY?! That sounds awful. You would essentially be living in fear. -- you would be petrified...a walking ball of nerves. That's just not at all realistic. 

And -- if you're a mom...chances are, your little one(s) do enough of that for you. Also...there's politics. Enough said.

While it was probably easier of ol' Ellie to say than for anyone to actually do -- instead, I think it's better to do one thing every day that makes you blissfully happy. Think of the feeling you get before the roller coaster you're on starts to drop, or when your child hugs you out of nowhere, or seeing the most beautiful sunset after a fun-filled day. Do something -- anything...big or small -- that gives you at least half of that feeling. THAT is what I think we should all be focusing on daily, instead of coming up with ways to scare ourselves into thinking we're making personal progress. is too short to spend it anywhere else than on cloud nine.