How often do you complain?

"That's so annoying."


The second I said it, I realized I said it like a Kardashian, and I said the word 'annoying' at least three other times that day, mostly to myself. Which is...annoying. But, it got me thinking about whether I meant it or not. Was I really annoyed? Since I said it a couple times earlier in the day, was I in a perpetual state of annoyance? Or, was I just saying something annoyed me because I couldn't think of any other word? More importantly, why did I let it annoy me to the point of actually voicing my annoyance?

Was I being a complainer? Complainers are know what.

I was in a coffee shop the other day, and a lady came in. She wasn't in line for 3 seconds when she started complaining how cold it was in there. She said it to everyone around her, trying to get them to agree with her. She yelled to the manager, asking if the A/C was on and whyyyy was it on because it's still winter and people can get sick from that (even though she had no coat on). She changed the mood in that tiny little cafe with her loud complaining. The vibe went from easy going to on-edge. Then, she got her coffee and left, leaving us all bewildered, smiling awkwardly and shaking our heads.

While that kind of complaining is on a higher level than my "that's so annoying" to myself, I do think that's sort of how it starts, right? You start telling yourself things are annoying...and the more you say it, the more you believe it. Then, you start attracting 'annoying' situations because that's what you're focusing on. The Secret and Law of Attraction and whatnot.

And, before machines start completely taking over the world and eliminating all human jobs, I wonder how often one should complain about customer service. I mean, people make mistakes. People have bad days and say things that are taken out of context. Does that mean every less-than-pleasant interaction you have with someone should be reported to their boss...or Yelp? I don't think so. "Oh, it'll help them improve..." you say?

But will it help you improve? 

I know, I just blew your mind. Or maybe offended you. Either way, I know I'm personally going to start training myself to be like, "That's so awesome! Amazing! Perfect!" and when something isn't any of those'll be silence.

Or funny. When it doubt, laugh it out.