There are two types of people...


...those who completely remove price stickers — even the fuzzy leftover pieces — and those who don’t. 

...those who clean under objects, and those who clean around them. (Credit: A Twitter pal)

...those who have _ in their usernames, and those who don’t.  

...those who return carts to cart corrals, and those who expect others to do it.

...those who talk the talk, and those who walk the walk.  

...those who recycle, and those who shrug it off.

...those who donate the $1 at checkout, and those who say “I already did (but didn’t).” 

...those who create and those who emulate.

...those who wait until their gas tank reaches near/on empty before filling up, and those who don’t.

...those who live in the past, and those who feel sorry for people like that. 

...those who keep their DVR list clean, and those who still have that Thanksgiving special they haven’t gotten around to watching yet.  

...those who dance, and those who care too much what people think. Stop thinking, start dancing.

Happy Wed-nes-day! (Oh, there are peeps who still sound it out)