The evolution of Valentine's Day


Ahh. Valentine's Day. The day where lovers everywhere proclaim their adoration and gift each other chocolates, flowers and cards written by someone else. They go out to dinner, sip adult beverages and gaze into one another's eyes like it's the very first date. 


Or...they make a beef stew in the Crock-pot and wonder if their partner remembered to get them a card.


Thing is, I always liked Valentine's Day, but I never really loved it. I'm not on the "you should show your love EVERY DAY" and "It's such a fake, commercial holiday" team, though. Valentine's Day is fun, and besides -- it's something to look forward to in the long stretch from late December to Spring. It just changes a bit over the years, doesn't it?

Remember being in elementary school, waiting, wondering and hoping you'd get a bunch of Valentines from your friends? And then junior high/high school -- when your crush/first boyfriend/girlfriend got you flowers/a gift that left you swooooooning and omg if they said "I love you" for the first time?! Heart explosion! Except, my HS boyfriend got me a fake rose in a plastic case that played the theme song from the Broadway show Cats. Some of us aren't so lucky, I guess. 


Then, you hit your 20s and maybe you're in a long-term, serious relationship and V-Day rolls around and you're like, will he propose? - even though you don't know what you'd say, and you're trying not to think about it so you don't look disappointed/let out a nervous laugh when it's a heart pendant from Kay Jewelers. 

Then, of course, there are Februaries where you don't have an SO and you gift yourself something special for Valentine's Day because hey...if you don't love you, no one else will. You order sushi, throw back a bottle of wine and watch Maid in Manhattan and wonder how it's possible that Jennifer Lopez has zero visible pores on her face. FUN FACT: My tuxedo pearl necklace remains my most favorite Valentine's Day gift of all Valentine's Day gifts. I always know what to get me.

And, personally -- now that I'm all grown up - and a wife and mom - and know what true love from another person feels like, all I want is a card with some personal words as a Valentine's Day reminder that someone else agrees with me -- that I am just simply awesome.

Happy Valentine's Day to your awesome self!