Blue Ivy’s ‘attitude’


Everyone’s going crazy about Blue Ivy shushing her parents/stopping them from clapping during the Grammys.  

Some meanies on Instagram are even calling her a brat, a little girl with "too much attitude" etc.  


I thought it was absolutely adorable. Iconic, even. I mean, who else can tell Beyonce and Jay-Z to stop doing anything?

And also - excuse me, but isn’t society – and lately, award shows especially - all about female empowerment?!  But now...we’re going to tear down a six-year-old because she’s not running around and screaming like some kid at a chain restaurant on a Friday night?!


Some people are even upset she’s not smiling. How is this any less creepy than a man telling a woman that she “should smile more”? Here we go again, setting a really bad precedent for a young girl. Because, you know if Blue Ivy were a little boy, everyone would be saying how cute he looks. "He’s so grumpy ha ha! Aww, what put him in a bad mood? Such a cute little guy!” 

The hypocrisy is enough to make me barf. 

Besides, let’s think about reasons why Blue Ivy is so confident. Her mom is Beyoncé. Her dad is Jay-Z. Neither are known for insecurity. Both are known for insane talent, creativity and a flair for the dramatic. Makes sense to me. In fact, I would think it'd be super weird if she were wearing Gap Kids, her face all covered in peanut butter and cracker crumbs, swinging her legs and playing shy with the cameras when they swung her way. That's not 'wrong' either - but it's like, can we let kids be who they are? 

Who knows. Maybe I'm way off base and Blue Ivy really thinks she's better than us. If that's what it is, it's probably because she's sick of our shit and I don't blame her.