5 people I'd have dinner with


It's a classic question -- perhaps one asks on a first date, or later on when they're trying to get to know the other person a bit better. Or, maybe one a child asks their parent, vice versa, or a question you ask your spouse, again and again as the years pass by...because the answers will undoubtedly change. 

I think to know who your 5 are, you have to first think about why you would want to have dinner with someone. Is it because you are inspired by them? Want to thank them for being so inspiring, entertaining, funny, etc? Tell them you miss and love them?

So, I think I have my perfect 5. It's changed just slightly over the years, but a couple have remained at the table.

OPRAH. I mean...yeah. She's hugely inspiring -- as a woman, and as a human being, in general. I imagine we would talk about everything from bread to shoes to Maya Angelou to other people we find to be inspiring. I also imagine I would just sit and stare for about 15 full minutes and then ask her where she got her eyeglasses from.


SHEL SILVERSTEIN. Always a steady person on my list. Shel was a fascinating writer and poet. It was his poems that truly made me want to write. "Put something silly in the world that ain't been there before." He seemed unapologetic, and didn't feel a need to explain why he wrote the things he wrote. His poem Listen to the Mustn'ts hangs in my son's room. I can't begin to imagine what Shel and I would talk about...which is 90% of the intrigue.

AUDREY HEPBURN. Her style is timeless. Her confidence -- and honesty in her lack of it, as well -- is still refreshing and real, to me. Also, her work with UNICEF was amazing and path-paving.

THE DALAI LAMA. Talk about inspiring and life-changing. I think there are people who, just by being in their presence, can change you -- whether by charging you with their energy or gifting you with the clarity of the path you should be on. I imagine the Dalai Lama can do that...or both.

MY GREAT GRANDMOTHER. I just miss her. I remember her as being someone who changed the energy of the room she was in. She had the most happy, sparkling green eyes and the warmest smile. She was a true lady, and had the softest hands. She passed when I was a teenager, after a long battle with Alzheimer's. I would love to talk to her as an adult. 

That's my 5...for now. Your turn!