So much newness


Moving away from the only place you’ve called ‘home’ at the age of 31 has its challenges. You don’t even realize how much work goes into settling into a new state/area until you have to actually do it.  And, I have done it three times since then.

You need a new:
Primary Care Doctor
Closest ER/Hospital
Closest Emergency Animal Hospital
Hair Stylist
Eye Doctor
Dog Groomer

And that’s just (some of - I’m sure I’ve missed something) the important stuff. For me, it took a few first visits with doctors until I found one I liked, and once I did alllll of that and got us settled, I had to do it again. And then again. At least for this next move, I’ll have some familiarity of who to get established with and where some things are.

(SN: Don’t you think it’s crazy the ONLY 24hr emergency animal hospital is in Latham? That’s so far for folks who live in East Greenbush, Bethlehem, etc. especially during a stressful situation with a fur baby)

So, if we’re connected on Facebook (why wouldn’t we be?!) and you live in the Capital Region, I’m sure I’ll be asking for some suggestions (especially for things like a hair stylist, good manicure, etc.) as our moving date gets closer. It’s literally just 3 weeks, now!