Just get married already!


Did you hear?! Bachelor Nation’s darlings — Kaitlyn Bristowe and Shawn Booth have called off their three year engagement. I was really rooting for them, but I can’t stop myself from thinking things might have been different if they had gotten married.

An engagement is technically a promise of marriage. You can only talk about promises for so long before you actually DO something about it. I believe the standard length of engagement is around a year or so. Given the way Shawn and Kaitlyn met (when she was the Bachelorette), and how quickly they got engaged, I can even understand two years. But, it’s been three. And, for me — it started to feel like they were milking being part of the Bachelor franchise — sponsoring products on Instagram, starting side projects, Shawn opened a gym and they even doled out relationship advice to other Bachelors/Bachelorettes on the show. This past January, Kaitlyn was even on an episode of Hayley Ever After, in which she selected a wedding gown by designer Hayley Paige. So, I thought mayyyyybe they’re getting closer and will perhaps even air (for a price, no doubt) their wedding on a Bachelor special.

Now, I suppose you could say, well, good thing they DIDN’T get married, because they’d be going through divorce! But — my response would be: Not necessarily. When you’re married, I think you’re more likely to work on issues and less likely to give up — because breaking up isn’t as easy to do when you’ve committed yourselves before friends, family and oh, yeah — legally.

I just think three years is a long time to be in marriage’s waiting room with alllll of the components of a wedding and married life hanging over your heads. That had to have been a stressor, don’t you think?

Anyway — since they’re saying they are committed to “remaining friends and supporting each other” — may I propose (pun intended) a joint season of the Bachelor/Bachelorette in which they both seek out future partners at the same time. Maybe they’d wind up back together, who knows!