Best Super Bowl eats


Let's be honest, I'm just here for the halftime show...and food. Totes not a sports fan. 

Whether you're hosting a Super Bowl party or going to one, food is very important. It's even important if it's just you and the fam. So, here are my favorite Super Bowl eats. They're all pretty simple, because I'm not a chef or anything.

Classic (cheesy!) Crescent Dogs. They call a football a pigskin, after all, don’t they? However, I'm not a fan of pork, so I use all-beef hot dogs. I get a stone ground mustard for dipping.

Sliders. Drool. 

Sliders. Drool. 

Mac & Cheese. Honestly, I can't think of a time when mac & cheese isn't a good idea. My husband usually makes it, but now that I have an Instant Pot - I'm obsessed with how easy the recipe is. (SN: I skip the cheese in the pigs in a blanket if having mac & cheese...or not. Whatever, because it's Super Bowl!) I love my mac & cheese recipe so much, it's the cover photo on the Vandenvogue FB page

Guacamole. Perfect for a pre-game snack. I used to think making homemade guac was hard, but it's really not. And, it's fun! I skip the cilantro, though, because I'm just not a fan. 

Bacon Cheeseburger Slider Bake. YUM. I use turkey bacon, of course. I like these because they use ground beef and get baked. 


Crunchy Veggie Taco Cups. These involve won ton wrappers, guac, sour cream, refried beans, tomatoes, etc. And of course...cheese. They're a great vegetarian option.

 Cauliflower Buffalo 'Wings.' Also a great veggie option. Personally, I always get nervous while eating wings because I hope I don’t wind up crunching on a piece of gristle or cartilage or whatever it is. That’s not a problem with these “wings.” 

Mmmm. Are you hungry yet?!  (told you, not a sports fan)