Bully Beepers


I’m not a road rage kind of person. I don’t care if someone pulls out in front of me — I would have let them out, anyway. But, ONE thing drives (pun intended) me absolutely bonkers, and I've found it's rampant on both coasts.

Bully beeping.

When I'm at a stop sign or making a right on red, and someone behind me beeps their horn for me to go, that is bully beeping. And, it makes my blood boil because I can't get out of my car and tell them what I think about it. But, that's why I have a blog, right? The reason why it is super frustrating to me is because I don't think anyone has a right to tell anyone else how to drive their car, for a couple reasons: 1) Bully Beepers don't pay for your car and 2) They're not in charge of when someone else feels safe because what if something happened and that person listened to the BB's beeping and an accident happened?! I drive my toddler around - so I will make my own decisions on when I feel safe to pull out into traffic, thank you anyway, you complete buffoon.

Bully Beepers are second in annoyance to people who wave other cars on when it's them who has the right of way. Are you a crossing guard? A police officer? NO. Then stop trying to act like one and just drive your own vehicle because I will sit there and not listen to you, all the while watching you wave your arms around from the inside of you car like a maniac. The reality is, if I were to listen to you, and again - something were to happen, you wouldn't be responsible for it. I would be. So stop trying to run my life, stranger.

Besides, did you know that's not what car horns are intended for, anyway? They're for safety, only -- to alert another car/pedestrian of danger.

So, I think it would be nice and make a lot more sense if we all just drove our own cars and did so safely and patiently, without worrying about what everyone else is doing.

No one likes a blowhard. Literally.