When to drop the 'baby on board' sign?


Kind of on the same topic as yesterday...

I got 2 "Baby On Board" signs for my CR-V when O was born. One for the rear window and one for the left back side window. It made me feel safer, like people wouldn't tailgate and make better, safer decisions when driving around me. Some didn't, but overall -- I noticed that most did. We were living in Orange County, CA at the time - and folks out there LOVE to tailgate and often drive very aloofly. Beach vibes, I guess!

But, now that Owen is pushing 18 months, I've been wondering if/when I should remove those signs, or replace them with "Toddler On Board" or "Child On Board." I drive from NJ to Upstate NY semi-frequently, and traveling the Thruway can be...aggressive, at times. But, I don't know. He's not technically a baby, anymore...even though I admit -- I still refer to him as such from time to time. 

Am I...false advertising by keeping the baby on board signs up? Do I need any signs at all?