Hi. Smile. Thank.

I saw these three words taped to all of the cash registers in my local supermarket, as a reminder to the cashiers. And, it made me feel weird. I didn't really know what it made me feel at first, but it definitely shocked me, initially, for a couple reasons.

1) Why do people need to be reminded to say 'hi' and 'thank you' to customers?

Shove it.

Shove it.

2) SMILE? Really? I cannot stand it. I absolutely loathe being told to smile. When I worked for a supermarket in high school, in the 90s, I was never told I had to smile. I was told I had to be polite. Period. Good customer service. Period. When I worked for hospitals and medical practices, I was often told by older male patients whose surgery I was scheduling that I "should smile more." I'd be like, I'm sorry. I'm busy focusing on scheduling your cardiac clearance and making sure you understand you cannot take aspirin/ibufprofen within two weeks of your surgery date and YES THAT INCLUDES ALEVE COME ON but hold on let me pause and give you a smile like I'm trying to sell you a new suit. *eyeroll*

Back to the signs.

I have to be honest and tell you I couldn't care less if the cashier at a supermarket is smiling at me. I appreciate a 'hello, how are you?' but I truly care more that they don't squish my bread/eggs if I'm not bagging myself. I don't think you have to be smiling in order to provide good, efficient customer service. AND - I also know that if I worked there and found those annoying, degrading reminders staring me in the face during my shift, I'd smile a helluva lot less.

In fact, I'm thinking of reaching out to the store to let them know that as a customer, I find those signs ridiculous. Thoughts?