Do you...


...iron your partner's shirts? I ran a poll on my IG stories and I'm happy to report most of you don't. I'm happy because I don't and now I don't feel bad about it. The truth is, my husband just irons his shirts better than I could.

...check your pizza before tipping the delivery person? I don't, but I feel like it's not a bad idea. Nothing worse than opening a fresh pie and seeing the cheese has shifted all to one side.

...use 'lol' or 'haha'? I used to be strictly 'hahaha' and couldn't stand LOL but after having a baby, I found that 'lol' was MUCH easier to type with one hand. So, now I use both.

...change your phone case often or keep the same one on at all times? I have a bit of a phone case addiction. I have a battery case, a few plain cases in diff colors and a Bandolier crossbody case. It's something I'm working on.

cupcake.jpg cupcakes for breakfast? I did today. Don't look at me like that. They (2) were leftovers from Owen's birthday and in my defense, I didn't want him to see them and want one. Or two. I'm gonna pretend the calories don't count when it means saving my child from a sugar high/crash. Plus, they were soooo good with coffee. around forever, looking for a parking spot before you'll fork over $ to park in a garage? I don't. I prefer convenience and less stress. Parking lots also make me nervous af and I don't know why. People just seem so unpredictable in them - whether they're walking or driving. I prefer to just park and get the hell out of the car.

...have a go-to playlist? If so, who's on it? I've never been great at playlists but I think I'm getting better. I used to have, like, a Carrie Underwood song right after a Death Cab for Cutie song and it was not conducive to creating a vibe or mood. I'd be all chill and reflective and then suddenly I'm jolted into a song about binging on tequila and getting hitched in Vegas. It was very confusing. But, now - I put more thought into it, especially for the trips upstate.

...believe in signs from loved ones who've passed on and angels and psychic mediums? I do. All of it. Honestly, I don't understand people who say "I don't believe in that stuff" and it's like OK I get it but why do you have to be sooo negative about it? They're always trying to tell believers it's not real and it's like I'm not trying to tell them it's real so what gives with the pessimistic attitude? They're probably never fun at parties. In fact, I know of one person like that and I can tell you he's literally never fun at parties. Annoying? Yes. Fun? Never. I just personally have had experiences that can't really be explained otherwise and it's a super comforting way to feel.

Similar to cupcakes for breakfast. *shrug*