I miss dating


I love dating stories. I love giving dating advice. I love living vicariously through friends (or even strangers, honestly) who are dating and going through allll of the awkwardness and exciting stuff that I beg for them to tell me.

Why, you ask?

I used to work for a very popular online dating site for about 6 years. I loved it. I loved seeing, reading and feeling the vulnerability people have when it comes to putting themselves out there in the hopes someone else will be drawn to them. I loved how grateful they’d be when they received help putting themselves in words. It’s not easy writing about yourself, and doing it in a way that is honest, enticing and concise, AKA not a super long memoir starting at your arrival on this planet. Lil’ tip there for ya.

via bbc.com

via bbc.com

When I lived in The OC — we were in a townhome community 5 minutes from the beach, and there were quite a few chic-as-hell divorcées in our neighborhood, so I befriended our neighbor who had the balcony across from us, and would semi-regularly join her and her friends for wine on her turf. We would get to talking about them dating and what I did for work, and then it would turn into me grabbing their laptops and editing their online dating profiles. Looking back…I shoulda charged. They drove convertible Mercedes and wore head-to-toe CHANEL for crying out loud.

But that’s how much I love it. I loved doing whatever I could to help people find L-O-V-E, or even short-term excitement and confidence by dating cool people who think they’re cool people. People absolutely fascinate me. Plus, I obviously love creative writing…and despise cliches like “I love walks on the beach” (very hard to not write whilst living in Southern California, by the way) and “I love to laugh!”

WHO.DOESN’T. Who honestly doesn’t like to laugh? Another free tip — if the dating site/app you use has an ‘About Me’ section…do not write that you love to laugh.

And don’t talk about your ex.

Also, don’t post photos of yourself with your hot friend/family member. And no bathroom selfies, come on.

Do NOT talk about what you don’t want in a partner. Why so negative?!

Check your spelling and grammar.

Even if you’re ‘new to this’ — don’t say that. No one cares, and it makes you an easy target for someone willing to only put half the effort in. Plus, unless you plan on updating your profile…there will come a time you’re not new to it.

When writing to a potential date for the first time, don’t just write ‘Hi.’

I’m serious — do NOT talk about your ex. Especially if your divorce was amicable and you’re still friends. Don’t put that in your profile. It doesn’t read like you’re sooo progressive and a good person in relationships…it sounds like you’re still in love with them.

Don’t complain about your job. Or lack thereof.

I mean, I have more tips but if you want them, you’ll have to pay me. And tell me your juicy dating stories.