Help a girl out

I have this friend. Let’s call her Jade. Jade has recently started dating David, and things are quickly becoming serious. First, a little background:

Jade is 40, and divorced two years after a 9 year marriage. She’s been dating casually since, but no dates have led to relationships, until now.

David is recently out of a long-term relationship that ended very poorly. In fact, his ex was seen parked outside of Jade’s home one evening of their early ‘I’ll cook you dinner at my place’ dates. But, that was it. No follow-up contact, no other sightings or talks of the ex.

At least, that’s what Jade thought. David’s phone went off while he was in the bathroom one night during a movie at his place. He had left it on the coffee table and Jade instinctively looked at his phone to see that it was his ex, Jenny, sending him a text.


Jade only had time to see that the snippet on his lock screen read something like, “Hey, do you want to come here or I come to you?” before David opened the bathroom door. Jade said David picked up his phone, read the snippet without unlocking his phone, and showed no reaction/emotion to it. He then put the phone back on the table — face down. Not wanting him to think she was snooping and/or jealous, she didn’t say anything about the text, but was obviously confused/annoyed/frustrated the rest of the night.

It has been three days since that night. And, David has said nothing about it.

Jade ran some ideas about the text by me. They include: Maybe Jenny wanted to exchange belongings since they lived together and they were meeting up to do that? Maybe they had to sign some sort of paperwork for their apartment lease? Maybe the Jenny that texted David isn’t Jenny The Ex.

I think any of those scenarios make sense, but I encouraged Jade to be honest and let him know she saw the gist of the text. I mean, Jenny The Ex was seen sitting parked outside of Jade’s home one night — and that’s freaking creepy — so I don’t think she’s out of line for asking what’s going on. BUT - Jade is nervous to bring it up to David since their relationship is going so well, and it’s her first real glimmer of love since her divorce and she thinks I’m too married and too close to the situation to offer any sound advice.

Hmmpf. Eyeroll. Whatever, Jade.

So, we’re turning to you. What’s a girl to do?!

Update: Part II is here and the finale is here.