Jade + David (and Jenny), Part II


Part I can be found here, if you need to catch up.

So, Jade was grateful for everyone’s advice. She said that she didn’t feel good about keeping a secret from David, so she decided to let him know she saw his phone light up with Jenny’s text. This is how she described the conversation went after she told him:

David: “Ohh. Yeah, I thought maybe you saw it…”

Jade: “Yeah, I did…”

Awkward Silence

Jade: “So…?”

David: “Sigh…It wasn’t Jenny, my ex. It was my cousin, Jenny. I call her Jennifer now, but she was always Jenny growing up. I told her I would help her pick up furniture she ordered with my truck, and we were coordinating.”

Jade: “Oh. Well, I have to admit I’m relieved.”

David: “I have to admit I’m not. I was hoping you would be the bigger person — trust me, and let it go. It’s kinda early in our relationship to get jealous, isn’t it?”

Jade, taken aback: “I wasn’t jealous — I just wanted clarification. And, it’s not like Jenny — your ex — wasn’t stalking us for a bit. My question to you didn’t come out of nowhere, and I only wanted to clear it up.”

Awkward, long silence again

David: “I think I just need some time to figure out what I want.”


I have a lot of opinions on this conversation, and David’s reaction. Of course, though - I (and Jade) would love to hear yours first.