Do you have to...


Always sit next to your spouse/significant other on an airplane, or are you OK sitting separately?

Inspect your eating utensils at a restaurant before using them?

Put body lotion on immediately after getting out of the shower/bath?

Hit snooze at least once before getting out of bed?

Use a brush while blow drying your hair?

Wear ear plugs or an eye mask to sleep?

Take the product on the shelf that’s farthest in the back?

Park your car in a certain spot in parking lots (closest to the store/next to cart corral/away from other cars)?

Use a specific toaster setting?

Use rewetting drops with your contact lenses?

Wear contact lenses or glasses?

Put salt and/or pepper on your food when dining out?

Have ketchup on your fries?

Have an aisle or window seat on a plane/train/bus?

Listen to music when you clean?

Read more than one book at a time?

Thanks for playing now get outside it’s gorgeous!