Is a sitter *every* weekend normal?



I don’t subscribe to many magazines, and I know everything you need/want to know is online, but I still love the feel of a mag in my hand, especially lounging outside with a lemonade or glass of Rosé. So, I’m all about Health, Vanity Fair and Vogue (of course).

I was so excited to see that Jessica Alba was on the cover of the latest issue of Health. She’s my hair inspiration, has effortless style, and I’m a fan of some Honest products (lavender bubble bath and Magic Balm). As I read her article, sipping my decaf with almond milk, nodding along with her points about hating exercise and celery juice, I came to this part and nearly dropped my mug:

AC: With your busy schedule, how do you keep your friendships nurtured?

JA: By allowing myself to have a babysitter on Friday and Saturday nights. I didn’t do this until after I had Haven. After that, I always had a babysitter on those nights. Whether it’s going out with Cash or hanging with my girlfriends, it frees me up to do something. The key is to also have someone the next morning. If you’re doing more than just dinner, maybe drinks or a concert or something, you don’t want to be waking up too early for the kids because then what’s the point?


Ironically, my husband and I had a date night that night. I don’t even know how it came up, but I wound up telling our Uber driver about Jessica Alba’s every weekend sitter setup. She was all, “why even bother having kids” and I was like, whoa…too harsh…but gave her a 5-star rating, anyway.

I mean, I get celebrities live differently, but what in the world made Jessica Alba think it was a good idea to let us non-celebs in on this practice? I don’t think most moms have a sitter on standby every weekend, making sure they’re also available in the morning so mommy can sleep in…RIGHT?! I’m asking to make sure I’m not missing something.