I hate working out


I don't like sweating. I was the kid in gym class who walked the mile run as much as possible because I didn’t want to go to my next class a sweaty mess. I made an exception for dance, but it was a different kind of sweat than running around a track or a tennis court in the sun.

For years, I did pilates. I liked how it was toning, and didn’t require me wiping my forehead every 2 minutes. How in the world people do anything voluntarily with sweat dripping off the tip of their nose is beyond me.

Anyway, I tried barre in California — it was super challenging, even moreso than pilates for me. I loved it, but I’m not a class or gym person. It’s sort of embarrassing but I’ll tell you why…

I get super anxious beforehand. I freak out over what to wear — and not because I want to look good. I freak out because I want to fit in. I also get really self-conscious if I don’t know how to do an exercise/use a machine. I know it sounds juvenile, silly and self-centered, but I promise you it’s because I just don’t want to stick out like a sore thumb. So, I’m more comfortable working out at home. Also — gyms smell really bad.

AND — I found Xtend Barre and I’m obsessed. It’s a fusion of dance and pilates, and it’s really filling the void I’ve always felt where my dance classes used to be. There’s a 30-day calendar of classes on Openfit and the classes are 30 minutes each. The first time I did it, I could only make it halfway through the first class before needing a 5 minute break. It felt sooooo damn good. I literally felt a difference after one class.

By the way, Xtend Barre founder Andrea Rogers (pictured - I mean, hello inspiration) trains supermodels, doesn’t believe in counting calories, doesn’t have an annoying voice and provides the right amount of genuine encouragement and motivation in her classes.

So — if you’re like me, and think, well, if I’m gonna sweat, I prefer it be in the comfort of my own home, and are looking for something new with spring here and summer on the way, I can’t recommend Xtend Barre enough.