POLL: Am I too sensitive about the cheese challenge?


Did you see the “Cheese Challenge” where scumba— I mean, people — throw slices of cheese at their baby’s face…and film it. And post it online?

Normally I’d link to it or post a video here or something but really — I think it’s absolutely disgusting and it infuriates me so I won’t. If you want to see it, just Google it, but basically it’s a grownup throwing a Kraft Single on an unsuspecting baby’s face and the baby looking all sorts of bewildered and not amused. BECAUSE WHO WOULD BE?!

The thing is, I noticed people around my social media don’t seem to be as outraged about this as I am. Some peeps are like, “it’s a waste of cheese! haha” or they just don’t think it’s that big of a deal. I totally get that humor is a way of dealing with certain things in life, but I have a very short fuse and inability to be humorous about three things: Animal, elderly and child cruelty. So, I think it’s a big deal.

Maybe everyone’s definition of ‘cruelty’ is different, though.

I mean, I think to take a tiny human who depends 100% on you to teach, protect and who trusts you implicitly, and then throw a piece of cheese on their face — covering their eyes/nose/mouth — and laugh like it’s the funniest thing you’ve ever seen because they’re confused, possibly panicking and not happy about it is so incredibly trashy — and I would tell you that to your face if you try to justify why you did it, or think it’s funny.

If another child threw food at another child for any reason — you would tell them not to do it. If a child threw food at another child and got a kick out of it, you would think there’s something wrong with that kid — and you would tell them not to do it. So, why is it OK for an adult to do it?! Does it make that adult feel more powerful, like they’ve earned some odd right to do it?!

And, like I responded to someone on Facebook, re: wasting cheese…I imagine that the sort of person who does this gross “challenge” is also the sort of person who eats the cheese afterwards. So, no waste.

/rant. Poll below:

Am I being overly sensitive about this?