I clean my house every day

I have a love/hate relationship with cleaning. I love the end result but hate the tedious work of getting there. I grew up in a household where everything had a place and clutter was deeply frowned upon. Basically, my mom makes Tidying Up look like an episode of Hoarders. There were years I rebelled and insisted I preferred a more ‘lived in’ look, but as I got older, I realized how much easier life is when your home is neat.

And, it’s much easier to clean when things are where they’re supposed to be.

After years of renting and moving and living in two areas (CA and North NJ) where it was normal and almost expected that you had a housecleaning service — but I didn’t — I think I’m finally getting how to make this housecleaning thing easy for me to handle without sacrificing my life.

I used to spend a Saturday or Sunday morning (and into the early afternoon) cleaning everything at once. That was a huge mistake. What a waste of time.

Now, I do one or two ‘chores’ a weekday so I only spend an hour or less a day. Then, by the time the weekend comes around, we are alllll set to just have fun and relax. Mondays are bathrooms. Tuesdays are dusting/glass cleaning. Wednesdays are for vacuuming and Thursdays are solely kitchen. Fridays are dedicated to any little touchups I see fit. This is the perfect schedule for me to make sure that especially when warmer weather arrives, I can be outside and enjoying it as much as possible without coming back inside and freaking out internally over what still needs to be done…while hearing my mom’s voice in my head.

Marie Kondo’s motto is correct, after all — it’s about choosing joy, and your home should be a place of serenity and inspiration.

Let’s not go THAT far…

Let’s not go THAT far…