I love fall and I'm basic af


It’s been six years since I’ve experienced fall in the Northeast. There is no other place to fully appreciate the beauty of autumn, and I think that’s why some people who aren’t from the region or who’ve never experienced it, think being in love with fall is ‘basic.’ But, the mountains bursting with color, ranging from a pale yellow to a red so red, it looks like fire, the warm sun and cool air, the smell of cider donuts, bonfire and apples…sigh.

Call me “basic” but…I love fall!

If you’re rolling your eyes, that’s fine. I mean, I know Starbucks releases their Pumpkin Spice Lattes earlier and earlier each year (this year it’s today, actually), but I like to think that’s because so many people love fall so much, Starbucks doesn’t want to keep their patrons waiting. Also, back-to-school stuff is thrown down our throats, and what do you think of when you think of kids starting a new school year? Fall. Just like we think of summer, not spring, when a school year ends. So, how can people help but celebrate a new season earlier than probably necessary? Besides…why would anyone want to delay such JOY?!


That’s my .02 on the haters. Now, back to being basic and proud, YAY!

I love apple pie and cinnamon candles. Currently burning: Yankee Candle Warm Apple Pie.

I love sweaters. Especially sweaters in my favorite sweater color - grey. Athropologie offers my faves. They also have a great sale section if you’re ever near a store. The Montclair, NJ location is consistently good.

I love shoes and boots. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good sandal, but I adore a sneaker and boot so much. Remember when I hated sneakers? It’s funny the difference 9 years, several states and one child can make. When it comes to boots, I’m still on the hunt for a pair I fully love. Hunter boots come close, because they’re actually comfortable, durable and versatile.

pottery barn.jpg

I love chilly nights and the smell of crisp air. I can’t wait to shut off the AC and open the windows. Also, there is nothing cozier than throwing on a sweatshirt/sweater when the night air sets in, even if you’re still wearing sandals. I love a good sweater/sandals/shorts combo, if it’s still warm enough.

I love crockpot cooking and warm comfort meals like stews you can eat with a chunk of crusty bread. Filling your house with the scent of comfort food in the making is the best expression of self-love I can think of. Knowing that when dinner time nears, you don’t have to freak out and wonder what you’re going to whip up — so you can do whatever the heck you want with that time — is a gift in itself. Bonus: You also get a bomb meal out of it. I have a trusty beef stew recipe I got years ago from a crockpot recipe email forward, and love a good vegetable lasagna. Please…please…if you have a good comfort meal recipe, especially for a slow cooker, drop it in the comments below. I need to add to my collection.

I love apple picking. I love the earth beneath my feet. I love the laughter. I love the kids with runny noses in wagons. I love the apple cider and warm donuts. Where’s your favorite orchard?

I love fall decor. Pumpkins, mums, cornstalks, candles and lanterns. Honestly, all of it makes me want to buy out Pottery Barn. Orrrrr…get inspo from PB and find less expensive items at Homegoods.

*Squeal* I just cannot wait!