Make my day


Little things can have big results. Here are some lil' things that make me go, "Yesssss." 

Succulents. Hardy and pretty at the same time...and sometimes wild and unpredictable. Succulents are the plant equivalent to being a woman in 2018. I love 'em. 

Essential oil necklaces by Vitality Extracts. Simple, functional, inexpensive and not obvious like those weird magnetic bracelets people wear. I like to dab a little lavender and lemongrass on mine. It lasts all day and I'm floating on cloud 9. They also have bracelets if you're not into necklaces.

Iced coffee. Yes, I know it's still winter. I don't drink hot coffee unless I'm...nope, I always take it iced. That first sip...ohhhhhh. Better than wine. But not pizza. Still, I relish the times when I'm out and I notice my lil' guy falling asleep in his car seat so I cruise to get some iced coffee, and I'm alone with my thoughts for a little bit. I do my best thinking in the car and drying my hair, and I know I'm not alone in this.


A perfect GIF. I use the Forrest Gump running down the driveway one a lot, as well as assorted Beyonce, the Michael Jackson eating popcorn one and GIFs of Britney Spears when she was a judge on The X Factor because her facial expressions are ev-errr-ee-thang. There is nothing better than a GIF that says it all without having to type a complete sentence. 

A comfortable bra. Seriously, I'm that department, but my goodness what is UP with all of the skin-slicing elastic, lately? I've been into bralettes for a while, and actually stumbled upon a Skinny Girl by Bethenny Frankel bralette in Marshalls, so I tried it and WOW. I forgot I was even wearing anything, yet I knew I was wearing something because I felt so comfy. They’re sold out at Nordstrom, so if you see them floating around TJ Maxx/Marshalls, give them a try and don’t judge them based on her gross margaritas that taste like nail polish remover. 

A nice, long(ish) bath. Sometimes, when O is napping, I gift myself a bath bomb and Cookie Jam session. These are THE BEST bath bombs, hands down. 


A good cry. It’s therapeutic and cleansing. Thanks, This Is Us. Oh, it’s on tonight! Wine? Check. Tissues? Check.

Oh, and Randall’s GIFs are also on-point.