This is gonna be a satisfying drafts purge, and I’m going to unload these underdeveloped blog posts in one (sometimes run-on) sentences. Here goes:

The only time in my entire life I’ve been super happy to get rid of a bag was when it was my diaper bag.

I’ve been trying to stop saying “sorry” so much and it’s very hard because I feel sorry about it.

There are songs that make me so overly emotional I have to turn it off immediately and Wait by M83 is one as well as anything by Brandi Carlile I mean is she ever happy?

I’ve tried to write Moxie a tribute post for months (we let her go in February), but it never seems good enough for her.

I’m currently obsessed with all vintage things, thrift stores and estate sales and I feel like I would go more if I had someone who was also into it but I don’t so if you are let me know.

Just like with Sex and the City, I prefer to watch sensational television shows when they’re completely over, so maybe I’ll start Game of Thrones because even the ‘spoilers’ I’ve read make absolutely no sense to me so I’ll be good.

I feel irrationally insulted and super vulnerable when people scan my garage sale and aren’t interested in anything and I mutter “Fine! GO! Get out of here!” under my breath as they walk away.

I never thought I would like embellished denim until I got a pair from White House Black Market at the recommendation of an employee there and they’re on sale right now and fit exactly how you would want them to.

I love a good mommy blog that keeps it real, but so many seem to get caught up with snarky, negative posts and while I get “misery loves company” can often equal lots of clicks and clicks equal revenue, I think that’s lame and disingenuous.

Many influencers are liars.

I firmly believe if you sit and think about someone for long enough, you can summon them into your life and this can be either good or bad.

I think it’s hilarious when toddlers curse and while I don’t think it should be encouraged, I don’t think it’s anything to clutch your pearls at.

My alcohol tolerance is ridiculously low since having my son, and because of this I have apparently become extremely funny after just a glass of wine and it makes me feel 23 again so cheers.