Online consignment tips from a self-proclaimed semi-pro


I love the smell of consignment stores. Is that weird? I guess it is. But, I also love the smell of old books and gas stations so…yeah.

But — these days, I don’t really get to peruse consignment stores as much as I used to. So, I don’t mind looking online to see what folks are trying to purge for some extra dough. Did I mention I love to get rid of things? I think it’s a side effect of moving — getting a chance to get rid of stuff I don’t want/wear/use.

Anyway, I use Poshmark a lot. I find it’s just an easier site/app to use and while they take 20% of your earnings, the buyer pays for shipping (unless you cut a deal with a buyer just to sell an item) and they seem to have a bigger audience than other sites like Tradesy, The Real Real, etc. THAT SAID, if you’re looking for solely luxury items — Tradesy, The Real Real and Vestiaire Collective seem to be more reliable for authentic items. I’ve seen a ton of obvious fakes on Posh.

I’ve also noticed that certain designer names sell much quicker than others. Honestly, as someone who’s always been interested in fashion, I like browsing just to see what’s selling and for how much. Here’s some of my tips:

Clothing: If  you have J.Crew/Gap/Banana Republic to sell — that’s a crapshoot and you’re gonna have to mark it low, even if it’s new.. But, names like Tory Burch, Anthropologie, Zara and Lilly Pulitzer go quickly. I’ve noticed special occasion dresses are tough to sell. It’s best to donate those, in my opinion.

Kids clothing is best sold in bulk. No one is going to pay $5-6 in shipping for just one piece of clothing, and even if you mark it low enough to make it worth it for the buyer — you make nothing on the sale.

Jewelry: If you have Tiffany & Co. you don’t wear anymore, Kendra Scott or CHANEL stud earrings you feel pretentious wearing now that you’re a mom and homeowner (ahem) — those go fast as hell. Oh! When you buy new jewelry, keep the original boxes/tags in case you wind up not wearing/like it as much as you thought. You can sell for a higher price if you have those boxes and tags to include with the jewels.

In fact, keeping original boxes/dust bags/tags goes for any item you purchase, even if you don’t think you would potentially sell in the future. You never know.

Bags: Louis Vuitton is always marked ridiculously high in my opinion and they seem to sit around for a bit. Personally I don’t get the big deal about vinyl, cracked bags but if that’s your jam, there’s a ton on Poshmark — just be careful to make sure it’s authentic. Don't even think about Gucci, Prada or Fendi on Poshmark. Hit up one of the other sites. But, Tory Burch, Marc Jacobs, All Saints (my personal fave) and Michael Kors are easy to get good deals (to buy or sell) on anywhere.

Shoes: I personally only search for NWT shoes, but some people don’t care if they’ve been worn once or a few times if the designer is otherwise very pricey. Also, bonus if you have the box and dust bag if they came with one.

Makeup: Gross. Don’t buy makeup from, say, Brenda in Kansas City, even if it’s marked as new and unopened. That’s just dicey.

Sunglasses: I feel weird about it. There are some good imitations out there since sunnies are often just made of plastic. However, there are always a ton of Ray-Ban/Tom Ford/Celine for sale, and you have to know the tips of spotting imitations and what to ask the seller to post photos of if they haven’t.

And, really — if you have any doubts, you know where to reach me anytime to ask because seriously — I could always use a(n online) shopping buddy who loves a bargain!