Don't tell anyone, but...


…I want another tattoo.

…I have a weird obsession with finding the perfect henley. Free People comes close.

…I can’t decide if I love Mandy Moore or find her a bit annoying.

…I also can’t decide, as a left-handed person, if I like wearing my watch on my left or right wrist.

…I hate working out.

…Rainy days are amazing. For some reason, I always want to go outside on rainy days. Maybe I was meant to be in the Pacific Northwest. Rainy days, huge trees, Starbucks and henleys all day.


…The only band I would care to pay lots of money and/or travel many miles for would be Death Cab for Cutie. See…PNW again. But seriously — the first few seconds of Soul Meets Body and I Will Possess Your Heart (amongst a few others) NEVER fails to take me someplace cool, relaxed and insightful.

…I’ve always wanted to get headshots taken. I know I’m not famous, but I’m also really bad at taking selfies, and they would be useful for when I am famous.

…The greater part of my 20s was riddled with me picking my body apart and hating my legs. Thank goodness that’s over.

…I’ve never been into wearing rings, but now feel oddly naked without at least my wedding band.

…My new house has awesome landscaping. I’m terrified to screw it up. My thumb isn’t super green. Eek!

Thanks for letting me spill my guts. By the way, I’m super good at keeping secrets so if you want to share, I’m all ears (eyes).