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What were they thinking?

When you have a napping infant, what will wake them up is always a gamble. One nap, you can run the vacuum and the next, closing the microwave can alter the course of your entire day. If you have creaky floors/stairs? Godspeed.

So, I find myself wondering why certain things exist - and if the person who invented them ever had babies. Like...

...those ceramic built-in soap dishes. Those rounded, smooth 'ridges' meant to hold the soap in the dish are a J-O-K-E. It's like whoever invented this genius idea forget that showers/baths get wet, you know - from WATER. And so, anything less than a spike will not hold that slippery bar of soap from dropping loudly onto the shower floor. Multiple times, if you're a mama just trying to hurry up and hopefully squeeze in drying your hair before the nap comes to an end.

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The *one* mom thing I'd hate to be without

...besides Owen. Obviously.

The BEABA (pronounced Bee-ah-bah) Babycook is LIFE. It's literally the single most amazing invention I've ever heard of. If someone walked up to me on the street and asked, "What is the most amazing invention that comes to mind right this second" I would say "BEABA BEABA BEABA!" without even thinking.

What is it?

Well, I'll tell you. It's a lifesaver. This machine not only steams food like veggies, fruits and even then purees it. You do it ALL in ONE MACHINE. And, it's so easy for cleanup, too. There's even a little spatula hidden in the back of the machine that you can use to push down food while pureeing, and it doubles as a tool to lift up the steamer basket when the steaming process is done. Mind.Blown.

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Life's little (big) tests

I think there are milestones in life that test you, and your relationships with people. And, these milestone "tests" happen naturally - so naturally, that you might not even realize they're happening, or that they've already happened because you've been busy with...well, life.

Sure, you meet new people throughout the years - coworkers become friends, you meet people here and there through shared interests - maybe even online, who knows? Chances are, new people come into your life...and sometimes people leave, for a multitude of reasons.

I've "lost" friendships when I've entered into relationships, and when those friends have entered into relationships. I've "lost" friendships - or should I say "friendships" - when I simply disagreed (even silently) with destructive life choices they were making. And, some friendships seemed to slowly disintegrate when I - or they - moved away. Physical distance can be tough unless your connection is strong. Sort of like a cell signal.

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