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Somebody get this guy a muzzle

The other night, I took Moxie out for her final business before bed - which is usually a quick trip in and out, with me in my jammies and also ready for bed. What I'm trying to say is...quick + pajamas = I don't wanna see/talk to anybody. 

As she finished, we began our (very short) walk back inside - and I saw a guy walking his three (one large, two medium-size) dogs. Of course, once the dogs spotted Moxie, they began barking and knocking into each other like idiots. 

"I'm sorry" the guy says while laughing nervously.

"Oh, it's okay - no prob" I reply and smile. And, I mean it. I know there's nothing like your dog(s) embarrassing you and making you look like an incompetent owner. Besides, I totally get the gang mentality of dogs, especially when it's against Moxie. She never falls prey to their crap - never barks back or appears threatened/scared. Instead, she prances by with her quiet little confident nose forward. So, I follow her lead.

As we kept walking back to our house, I noticed one of his medium-sized dogs was planted firm, staring us down and barking hysterically, even as the guy tried to walk the other way. 

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Dog friendly

When it came time to start looking for a place to live in California, I started my search with Zillow. I searched Orange County, CA, selected "in-unit laundry" as a must, and clicked the search button.

Results? 504. I settled in my seat and prepared for a lengthy looksie.

Oops. I forgot to also check off "pets allowed" - so I did. (SN: I think Zillow should change that to 'pets welcome')

Results? 190. The number of available properties went significantly down...and the lowest rent cost shot up.

And, it's not just Orange County - I know this. It's everywhere. And, while part of me thinks dogs should be allowed anywhere, because they make most people happy and are just plain awesome - I also know there are exceptions. And, naughty owners. Because, the more I thought about it, I realized it's never the dog's fault. That's like blaming kids for being jerky brats. How'd they get like that? Parents.

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You know what irks me?

When people I'm meeting for the first time go in for a hug and a kiss. I know it's like, super European to basically molest someone every time you see them, but I'm sorry...I just think it's respectful to not plant your sloppy kisses on a stranger's cheek. There has to be some sort of cordial first introduction, and then you work up to the hug and (air, preferably) kiss. If you're making out with someone's cheek the first time you meet them...where do you go from there?! I shudder to think.

When anyone under the age of 75 says, "I don't have an email address." It's 2014, people.

When people throw their cigarette butts on other people's lawns. #rage My neck is hot just thinking about this.

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Just love

I'm a dog lover. I'm a rescue lover. I dislike over-breeding, pet shops, puppy mills and just generally seeking out a specific type of dog simply because that's what you want. I don't know - I guess I just believe in dogs finding/rescuing people, more than anything.

I came across this link, entitled '3 years ago you were evicted from 20 Catherine St 13B and I have your dog', after a friend shared it on Facebook. And, I was completely taken in and aback by it. 

The short story about a neglected, abused senior dog - nicknamed 'Cathy' by the kill shelter she wound up in before being adopted by her owner/family - is perfectly heartwarming, informative, and above all else - kind...even during the parts the author talks about the neglect and abuse Cathy endured.

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