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The *one* mom thing I'd hate to be without

...besides Owen. Obviously.

The BEABA (pronounced Bee-ah-bah) Babycook is LIFE. It's literally the single most amazing invention I've ever heard of. If someone walked up to me on the street and asked, "What is the most amazing invention that comes to mind right this second" I would say "BEABA BEABA BEABA!" without even thinking.

What is it?

Well, I'll tell you. It's a lifesaver. This machine not only steams food like veggies, fruits and even then purees it. You do it ALL in ONE MACHINE. And, it's so easy for cleanup, too. There's even a little spatula hidden in the back of the machine that you can use to push down food while pureeing, and it doubles as a tool to lift up the steamer basket when the steaming process is done. Mind.Blown.

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Can we not do this anymore?

Remark on a woman's weight gain/loss? Between the comments about Amy Schumer hosting the MTV Movie Awards and singers Pink and Kelly Clarkson having to defend themselves against comments made about their weight, I'm just over it. Not only is it mean and immature - and in most cases, very "Thanks, Captain Obvious" - but it's boring. Don't we have better things to talk about? Yes, we do. Like...

Man buns. What is it with these disasters? It reminds me of when my hair was too short to put up, but I'd try, and wind up with some little dinky knob that reminded me of Pepper from American Horror Story, which would make me grimace and have to immediately take it down. If you're a man, and you have long hair, why not just let it fly free? And, if you want it out of your face, just pull it back into a ponytail. Why spend the time putting it into a bun, and oh my God please tell me no guy is using Hot Buns. And, yes - I realize this is very hypocritical of me to talk about after my above paragraph, but I'm not perfect. And I hate man buns.


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Stop calling me names

My mom flew to Chicago to help us prepare for our move. She watched Moxie as we flew to California to find a place to live, and when we got back, helped us organize a garage sale. She's the best.

One day, we went to lunch at a casual spot with a great patio, which is where we sat. The server - an early 20-something named Ashley - came over and introduced herself and asked if she could get us a drink. My mom ordered her iced tea and Ashley turned to me and said, "And for you, sweetheart?" I ordered my iced tea and Ashley went about her way.

When she brought our beverages back, she said, "Here you go, my loves" as she placed the teas on the table.

My ears had perked up at 'sweetheart' - but now they were fully open. Whenever a woman who is clearly younger than me calls me 'sweetheart', 'hun', or anything of the sort - I feel weird about it. I mean, it's just not the natural order of things. However, when a woman older than me does it, I feel warmed up inside. Especially if that older woman has a southern accent, for some reason.

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