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Life's little (big) tests

I think there are milestones in life that test you, and your relationships with people. And, these milestone "tests" happen naturally - so naturally, that you might not even realize they're happening, or that they've already happened because you've been busy with...well, life.

Sure, you meet new people throughout the years - coworkers become friends, you meet people here and there through shared interests - maybe even online, who knows? Chances are, new people come into your life...and sometimes people leave, for a multitude of reasons.

I've "lost" friendships when I've entered into relationships, and when those friends have entered into relationships. I've "lost" friendships - or should I say "friendships" - when I simply disagreed (even silently) with destructive life choices they were making. And, some friendships seemed to slowly disintegrate when I - or they - moved away. Physical distance can be tough unless your connection is strong. Sort of like a cell signal.

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Do, re, me, me, me

The art of conversation is just art. There's a balance between two or more people, and it's supposed to flow like a wave - or a song - throughout those people involved - with equal participation.

There are few things worse than someone who brings everything back to them. You mention something you're doing, someplace you're going - and they've been there, done that...and then some. They probably weren't even really listening to you - just simply waiting for you to stop talking so they can start.

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