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The ocean doesn't have feelings for you

For most of my life, I spent a great amount of time in the Atlantic Ocean. From Cape Cod to the Jersey Shore, from Florida to...the other side of Florida. And I've been to the Caribbean, but I'm 90% sure that's not the Atlantic.

I've swam, used boogie boards, threw myself into waves without a care in the world. If I got knocked around a lil' bit, I always came up laughing hysterically, and jumped right back in.

The Pacific, though? Totally different story.

It's colder than the Atlantic, but it's still refreshing in the California sun. However, it's so, so, so much stronger and unforgiving. I went diving into one wave, and got chewed up and spit out. I didn't emerge happily, like in the past - nope. I was terrified. 

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