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The very second I knew

It was a great day. Nothing and no one could bring me down - not even the work-related problems I encountered that day. Even little things I would normally find annoying were just sliding off my back without a second thought. And, I had absolutely no idea why.

I packed up my bag, cleared my desk, emptied my inbox and powered my computer down. Walking out to my car, I hummed Adele's song "Sweetest Devotion" from her newest album and thought about what we'd have for dinner when I got home.

My humming turned into singing as the CD coincidentally hit the same song I came to label as my favorite, which opened up with Adele's son saying something about 'wanting friendship' and her singing about her love for him.

I stopped at the same red light I usually did in Orange County rush hour traffic, singing I'll forever be whatever you want me to be. I'll go under, and all over, for your clarity... and I choked up inexplicably, with tears trickling down my cheeks. The light turned green and...

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Daughter's (every)Day

Today is the day you'll see people posting about how awesome their mom is - how loving, caring, kind, strong, beautiful and smart she is, and how lucky they are to have her. Sadly, you'll also read posts about how much their mom is missed, and how amazing she was. All of it is true, from the heart, and incredibly lovely to read. It just fills me with so much warmth.

Mother's Day is, no doubt, a day to celebrate every mom. And, if you're anything like me, you start thinking of all the memories you have with your mom - the funny, the touching, the crazy, the good, the bad, the thanks-for-bailing-me-out-mom memories that make every day feel like Daughter's Day. To name just a few that come to the forefront...

...watching my mom in the mirror-covered wall at my dance class every Thursday night. She'd be sitting there, intently watching me and also socializing with the other dance moms, after a long day at work - probably sometimes exhausted, especially as a single mom - and it always looked like there was no place she'd rather be. So, I tap-tap-tapped all over that floor.

...when one Christmas Eve, my family dared her to get into a large gift bag. And, she did. All 5'0" of her. The entire room exploded into laughter and tears rolled down all of our cheeks from laughing so hard. I think there are photos somewhere, but I have no idea where. The mental picture is enough to make me giggle out loud to this day. 

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