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I don't understand resolutions, but I play along

I don't know why everyone's always alllll about new year's resolutions. New years resolutions remind me of fad diets - they never work unless you actually vow to make a lasting change in your lifestyle.

But, I still play along because I don't like feeling left out.

I happened to think of a new year's resolution blog post for the Albany Times Union I wrote back in 2011, and that the TU thought was soooo amazing, they published it in print. Modesty was never on my resolution list. However, below are the resolutions I vowed two years ago, accompanied by my brutally honest updates on whether I've kept them to this day:

I will laugh more, if that’s possible. Update: I believe I've laughed the same amount, but I don't know. Perhaps if there were an actual laughter meter, it would prove that I have kept this resolution. I'd like to think I have.

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