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Overheard - and experienced - in the The OC

A little boy in a driveway, bellowing to his dressed-up mother, who is getting in the passenger seat of a sports car: "Mommy...Mommy...I love you!" Mom answers she loves him, too. "Whyyyy do I have to stay with Grandma again? Why can't I go with yooooouuu?!" Mom says nothing, closes the car door, and they drive away. The little boy puts his head down and goes inside. 

"I have someone come to my house to clean my dog's teeth." - Overheard while on a walk.

Me, to Starbucks drive-thru gal: "Grande iced coffee w/ skim, and do you have any plain bagels?" Drive-thru gal: "Lemme check. No, no plain." Me: "Okay, what do you have?" Drive-thru gal: " bagels, or in general?" Me: "...nevermind, just the coffee." I admit, I debated having her read me Starbucks' ENTIRE menu, which was also right in front of me - photos included. 

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Overheard in The OC

I shared a couple of these via social media, so forgive me if you've already seen them...they were just too hilarious to wait to share.

“Starfish aren’t fish. Like, Starfish Tuna is *not* a good brand name.” “It’s StarKIST Tuna.” “No. That’s the fruit candy.” - Two bros playing bocce on the beach.

"I can't BELIEVE you've never been to the Hollywood Bowl! Astonishing fact to me! Simply." - A woman in San Clemente.

“Hey there! How’ve you been? I haven’t seen you around Facebook lately.” - Woman decked out in Lilly Pulitzer in supermarket.

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Overheard in OC

You probably have some preconceived notion of people who live in Orange County, CA. Either you've watched The OCLaguna BeachThe Real Housewives of Orange County...or you've been here. Thing is, any sort of negative connotation you have about the peeps here in OC, the reality is that it's just pepper in this big, beautiful place. 

I would say 98% of the people I've come across are extremely pleasant, nice, and friendly - more than Chicago, and even more than Upstate NY. And, most people I find are not originally from Orange County. They're from other places in California, or even other states, like me. But, there's pretentiousness here, don't get me wrong - and hilariously head-shaking things I overhear in public. And, I just can't deal with it. So, I share it with you! Ready?

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