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Do you believe in ghosts?

I think a lot of 'ghostly experiences' can be explained logically - a shadow of a passing car, the house settling, pipes banging. But - there are other times I think you just know it's something...else.

I've had my own haunting experience - which I've detailed here. I will always remember that weekend, and no one could ever explain or talk me out of believing what happened. However, I also know people can be skeptical until they truly experience something for themselves.

I don't mind staying home alone from time to time - I chalk this up to being an only child - but I also have a wild (and slightly dramatic) imagination...also because of that. And - moving twice, to two different states, in the past year - has led to many, many, many new noises to get used to.

But, when my dog Moxie growls at (seemingly) nothing? In the middle of the day? Game changer.

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