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Can we put Barbie to bed?

As an only child, I was always grateful for Barbie. I thought she was a cool doll. I enjoyed dressing her up, making her fall in love with Ken (and Dylan and Brandon) and helping her explore the townhouse Santa brought her for Christmas. When my cousins and friends would come over, we'd have Barbie parties - exchange clothes, make storylines, put on a fashion show - you name it.

Maybe those fond memories are the reason why whenever I see Barbie is getting a 'realistic' makeover, I cringe. I also get super angry and annoyed with comments from moms who are all "I love this, my girls will play with realistic Barbie because that's a better role model." Idiots. I'm sorry, but those moms are. Barbie is not a role model. Barbie is a toy. Cabbage Patch dolls don't look like 'real babies' because they are NOT REAL BABIES.

And, why stop with Barbie? Let's make SpongeBob more realistic - and take away his feet, arms and face, and let him just sit in a cup on a sink. Let's take away Batman and Superman's capes and give them a desk job and public transportation passes.

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