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Rings of memories

Remember how difficult it was for me to find the perfect wedding band? Well, I found one (obviously).

The other night, we had dinner out with friends. During a pause in conversation, I found myself looking down at my hand, touching my rings - and a random thought of how beautiful my grandmother looked at our wedding came to mind.

Then I thought, these rings really do hold so much.

Growing up, I loved rings. It was the 90s, so I basically wore one on every finger. Then, I bought myself this really delicate gold ring with one of my first paychecks. I loved it so much I only wore that ring, and I wore it every day on my right hand ring finger. The ring was so light, that I barely knew it was there. And one day, I went to school and settled into my desk. I began pulling out my books, and noticed my ring was gone. I never found it. I was so heartbroken, that I shied away from wearing 'everyday rings' - and opted for big, statement cocktail rings I'd take off after a fun night out. It's like I thought, well, I'll wait until I get engaged/married and then it will really be special. Sort of like my fingers were practicing ring celibacy.

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