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I just need to bash the Bachelorette for a sec

So...real quick: The current Bachelorette, Canadian dance instructor, Kaitlyn Bristowe, is really funny. She's the first Bachelorette, in my opinion, that actually has a personality. But, she's also been getting some sort of backlash for apparently being the very first Bachelorette to have sexual relations with one of the many men she's simultaneously dating, before the fantasy suite (I'll get to that in a bit). Backlash, to the point of her having to defend her actions, and admit she's not ashamed of getting intimate with one of her potential suitors - and she's not sure why people are shocked about it, since she's an adult.

Which, I think, is a very immature response.

Here's why.

So, Kaitlyn is the Bachelorette - and she's on this TV show for the purpose of finding her husband. The process calls for her to date and be in relationships with multiple men at once, in order to get to know them, and learn about them, and have them learn about her, and spend time together doing the same exact things that "normal people" do - with the occasional silly competition between the guys, and of course - the cameras taking it all in for national television. Kaitlyn herself has even said she's "in a relationship" with these guys. So, sleeping with one - and not all - is being unfaithful, no? AND DOING IT ON TELEVISION.

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OK, fine - I admit...

...that I play the Kim Kardashian game on my iPhone. I'm an A-list celebrity, and I'm wayyyy busy with photo shoots and club appearances. 

...that I try shoes on in Marshalls without socks/disposable nylons.

...I watch way too much reality television.

...I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of the Saved by the Bell Lifetime movie

...I have a bit of a celeb crush on Michael Strahan, and Kelly Ripa's hair.

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Here's how I feel

You should never take a hair stylist recommendation from someone whose hair you do not love.

ALL OF THIS. I don't believe in 'victim-shaming.' But, I do believe in taking responsibility and accepting maybe you didn't take the proper precautions/choices when it came to your nude photos. Whatever happened to Polaroids? You can burn them, and they fade after so many years.

The very first second Rosie O'Donnell screams on The View (and really, with Rosie Perez? Talk about annoying voices), I will never watch again. So, I'm betting I'll only get 30 seconds in.

Jordan Knight has never looked healthy. I remember meeting him when I was 8 or 9 years old at a New Kids on the Block concert. So this was like, 1990. He wasn't my favorite (Joey Joey Joey!), but I remember thinking, "Oohh...he doesn't look good", and I refused to go shake his hand. He was pale and skinny and had bags all around his eyes. He's now touring with Backstreet Boy Nick Carter and I have already said too much on this topic.

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Dating naked

If you've ever had a first date, you know they can be quite awkward. You're sitting across from someone you maybe know next-to-nothing about, and either the two of you vibe and are able to talk like two human beings - or you're fumbling for social normalcy the entire time. And, if you are having a bad first date, you most likely are feeling vulnerable, annoyed and anxious for the date to end.

Imagine feeling like that...and being naked. Completely naked.

I can't stop laughing, even while I'm typing this. Hold on.

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My guiltiest pleasures

Here's all I have to say about my guilty pleasures: There is zero shame in my game.

I am a huge fan of crappy reality shows...or rather, "reality" shows. I love Real Housewives of Everywhere (especially Orange County, now - since that's where we're movin'). I find it hilarious that nearly all of the housewives are in their mid-to-late 40s and 50s, nip/tucked to high heavens, and they alllll talk about how confident they are - but then they get upset, fight and cry over the stupidest things, like "She's sitting in my seat!" Also - Vanderpump Rules is in this same category, except those peeps are in their 20s, work at a restaurant, sleep with each other, and thus - have a reason to cry all the time. I love it.

Tostitos Salsa Con Queso. This is seriously liquid crack. I don't look at the calories, fat, carbs - or serving size. Do not ever put a jar of this golden goodness in front of me, and expect me not to make a meal out of it. Stop making that face. It's so goooooooood. Try it, and hate me for your addiction later.

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You know what irks me?

When people I'm meeting for the first time go in for a hug and a kiss. I know it's like, super European to basically molest someone every time you see them, but I'm sorry...I just think it's respectful to not plant your sloppy kisses on a stranger's cheek. There has to be some sort of cordial first introduction, and then you work up to the hug and (air, preferably) kiss. If you're making out with someone's cheek the first time you meet them...where do you go from there?! I shudder to think.

When anyone under the age of 75 says, "I don't have an email address." It's 2014, people.

When people throw their cigarette butts on other people's lawns. #rage My neck is hot just thinking about this.

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