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When 'I' becomes 'We'

When I was single, I used to haaaaate when coupled-up women were all, "We are, we do, we like, we will..." And, I made a half-promise to myself to never be like that. I'll admit, I think I was a teeny-tiny bit jealous of their twosome talk. Believe me, my disdain wasn't all "single independent woman! Strong female power!" And - a woman - especially a strong one - has got a right to change her mind, ya dig?

I like a 'we' statement.

Now, I'm not talking joint Facebook and email accounts, here. 'We' doesn't always have a place. Maintaining a sense of independence is important, I know. While I've accepted 'we' statements into my life, I also still maintain that level of "I'm not that crazy woman who speaks for her man. He has a brain. A good one. I'm just including him, here, in this statement, to be nice." I still say "I" quite often.

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