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Wait...are wedding rings a big deal or not?

"Or, just do something like this," the salesman said halfheartedly, as he showed me the exact opposite of what I said I wanted in a wedding ring.

"No...." I shook my head in confusion. Plus, his statement and tired tone made it seem like wedding rings aren't a big deal. I turned to Louis, and reading my mind and body language, he took the lead with the salesman in order for us to be out of there in 10 seconds or less.

At a second store, we were greeted by a saleswoman. I thought, maybe she'll take me a little more to heart. She nodded when I told her what I was looking for (seriously, it's nothing out of the ordinary), and when I simply just didn't care for the options she showed me, she shrugged and said, "You could always just do this, something plain, and then add to it later on, like with an anniversary band..."


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Don't touch me!

I enjoy personal space. I'm also a hugger. Figure that one out. I'll help you...

...I'm selective.

I cannot stand when people I'm not on physical contact terms with, catch me by surprise and touch me - whether it's a hand on my shoulder or a poke in the ribs - especially when it's in a situation/environment where I would least expect the contact to actually happen. I detest it so much, that I often instinctively twitch/jump when it happens. Like a reflex.

I don't mean to be rude with my reaction, and I'm not a cold person in the least.  I guess I just prefer to keep my physical interactions limited to people on my 'list.'

Recently, there was one unwanted touch that drove me crazy. Like, it reached a whole new level for me.

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Eat, drink and be married (whenever you want)

I noticed a flurry of Facebook and blog posts in retaliation to this blog post entitled "23 Things To Do Instead Of Getting Engaged Before You're 23." And, annoying and erroneous title capitalization aside - I can see why the author ticked some 20-something engaged folks off.

I mean, the author, a 22-year-old LA girl named Vanessa, who recently moved to China for some reason or another (she doesn't really say why - just that she did it because she "believes in risks, faith, and tequila"), goes on a tirade about engagement announcement Facebook posts, and how they subconsciously make her think she too, should be getting married, and that something must be wrong with her because she's not...but then she calms down (perhaps with the aid of tequila?) and realizes:

"I’m fucking awesome.  It literally isn’t me, it’s them."


Honey, it's always you. Because that's all you can control. But, you'll learn that as you grow up and date more. Perhaps you could do that in China!

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The 'first look' fad

"Are you going to do a first look?" A friend of mine emailed me.

I hadn't really given it much thought, but my instinctive reaction was "No, no, no..." 

A first look is when the bride and groom see each other before they're married. The groom usually has his back turned and the bride sneaks/walks up behind him, and when the groom turns around, the photographer snaps away, capturing the natural reaction of the groom seeing his bride for the first time.


Just kidding, I'm not that superstitious.

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