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Wait...are wedding rings a big deal or not?

"Or, just do something like this," the salesman said halfheartedly, as he showed me the exact opposite of what I said I wanted in a wedding ring.

"No...." I shook my head in confusion. Plus, his statement and tired tone made it seem like wedding rings aren't a big deal. I turned to Louis, and reading my mind and body language, he took the lead with the salesman in order for us to be out of there in 10 seconds or less.

At a second store, we were greeted by a saleswoman. I thought, maybe she'll take me a little more to heart. She nodded when I told her what I was looking for (seriously, it's nothing out of the ordinary), and when I simply just didn't care for the options she showed me, she shrugged and said, "You could always just do this, something plain, and then add to it later on, like with an anniversary band..."


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