La fin du Jade + David


Re: The post title — I prefer to speak in French when I’m being dramatic. And this…well — c’est très dramatique.

So, I didn’t really get a chance to tell you what my thoughts on David’s BS excuses are. Oh wait, I just did. I like to think I give people the benefit of the doubt as much as possible, but 90% of the time I’m cynical about stuff like this. And, the dude is pushing 40, so that makes all of this that much more pathetic.

OK, back to it:

Jade left David’s place after his statement of “needing time to figure out what he wants.” She said she fought the urge to text/call him over the following couple days, but it wasn’t to try and get him back — it was “the principle” — to try and get him to understand he’s wrong and she’s right — which, as Jade (and all of us) know, is a pointless game to play.

Then, David called her.

When her stomach settled back into its normal place, Jade answered. She played it cool and let him talk. David said he thought a lot about their conversation and explained that Jenny The Ex had a lot of trust issues which ruined their relationship, and Jade’s question “triggered” him. (SN: I’m over people overusing this ‘trigger’ buzzword) He apologized profusely for jumping to conclusions, preached the importance of honesty, and hoped they could get back to where they were, even if it took a little time.


Jade wanted to take advantage of the vulnerable position David seemed to be in, and ask if it really was his cousin who texted him. But, who gives a f —? Jade had already made up her mind that David is a no-go, so why give him a reason to think he got under her skin with his ridiculous lie? Instead, Jade told David that they weren’t going to come back from their last conversation, where David tried to make Jade think it was all her fault somehow. (SN: I’m not over the term ‘gaslighting’ however) She wished him well and thanked him for calling her.

David snorted into the phone — a clear sign his ego was bruised and immaturity was rearing its ugly head again.

Then — before Jade could say anything, David added, “Guess what? I don’t have a cousin Jenny” AND HUNG UP.

Guys, I can’t.

Jade is doing juuuuust fine, by the way. She was laughing so hard when she told me David’s classy parting line I couldn’t understand what she said the first two times.

Was David telling the truth? Does he not really have a cousin Jenny or was he just saying that to hurt Jade? Who knows? And again, personne ne donne une merde.

Au revoir, douche.