Things change


I used to look at parents and go, “Oh my goodness why are you losing it/so mad/so stressed? Your kid(s) are soooo cute and just having a moment!”


Uhhhh. I get it. Parenting is H-A-R-D, and that’s putting it lightly. Now, when it’s appropriate, I help out other parents when I can, even if it’s just keeping their child’s attention while their mom or dad puts the items on the checkout belt uninterrupted.

I’ve never liked shorts. I wear them, but I don't like them. I would usually only wear dresses if it was a special occasion or a bathing suit coverup. I guess I’ve just always been a pants girl.


I love a good sundress. A good romper/jumpsuit is even better, but going to the bathroom is weird in rompers, right? Like, you have to get completely naked just to go, and that can be weird in public places — or at work! But, dresses are so easy, casual and still look like you tried.

I used to have to make sure I had a put-together look if I was going anywhere - even the mall or something.


HAHAHAHA. What you see is what you get. I’m not a slob, but I’m definitely a little (lot) more forgiving of myself if I have day-three hair or I’m sans makeup.

I used to think self-motivating books were a crock.


I’m obsessed with anything Rachel Hollis. I like to pride myself on being someone who can see through fake females who want you to think they’re some way when they’re really not. And, I have never gotten that impression about Hollis. It’s easier for me to feel this way because I listen to her books on Audible, so I can tell there’s nothing but genuineness (genuity?) in her voice. I strongly recommend Girl, Wash Your Face. It is the most head-nodding, laugh-out-loud book that makes you realize you knew the answers and what to do all along.

I used to take on social media trolls. To me, “trolls” are people who follow certain accounts/people just because they just want to be rude, negative, get attention for disagreeing with everything, patting themselves on the back or telling their life story on whatever topic the post is, when no one is even asking. I used to come up with one-liners that would stop them in their tracks, subtly calling them out for their sad MOs.


Honestly, I still do this when I really feel it’s necessary. Otherwise, I simply roll my eyes and sometimes talk about them behind their back.