To give or not to give (part II of II)

Continued from HERE...

The collector approached my window with a smile, and I glanced quickly at the red light that had now turned green, but the rush hour traffic that is absolutely horrible in Chicagoland prevented me from moving anywhere.

I rolled down my window almost halfway, and smiled back.

"How are you today, miss", he asked.


"I'm good", I responded.

He started to launch into his spiel when I smiled and shook my head, signaling for him to stop.


I dropped my window a little bit more in order to drop the dollar and some change from my gloved hand into his bucket. The change made a change-hitting-bucket sound, so I am sure there was hardly anything else in that bucket.

He said, "thank you, thank you" while nodding and I did notice a genuine look on his face.

As he started to walk away from my car, I called out, "Hey, you know - I hope what you're doing this for is true, 'People for People', but either way, maybe treat yourself to a hot cocoa at 7-11 over there."


He had his ungloved hand to his mouth, to warm it, as he turned around and smiled. I could tell he was smiling because his eyes crinkled at the corners.

"I will!", he answered in his loud, gruff voice.

I don't know if he did, but I don't care. I was simply just a Person for Person.

Happy holidays.