Toxic people


I plugged in my diffuser and popped some eucalyptus essential oil into it. Eucalyptus is said to be a great antiseptic, antibacterial and great for removing toxins. Toxins are not good for your body, we know this.

They're also not good for your mind and soul. Toxins are not good for LIFE, in general.

Unless you're a masochist, of course. In that case — you do you, boo.

But, most people want to live happy lives, I think. We eat healthy, exercise, take our vitamins and see doctors for checkups. So, why do we let toxic people interfere with our basic, divine right to happiness? They jeopardize our self-worth, dignity and quite frankly — our TIME. Time on this planet, time in our lives and time that could be better spent being with people who fill rooms with good energy...not suck it out. You know, the ol' saying is "Misery loves company" and it's true — and it's easy to fall into their traps, I know. Toxic people can be cunning, manipulating martyrs and experts at being the victim, taking zero accountability for how they make others feel. Instead, they volley your feelings right back to you, trying to get you (and others) to feel bad for THEM. 

Narcissism, at its best (worst).

Sure, I've 'put up' with toxic people in my life...often for way longer than I should have. But, the most powerful thing happened when I became a mom. I found my voice, my strength and my disinterest in entertaining toxic behavior. For me, it’s insulting for anyone to try and rob me of this time in my life, especially when they may know firsthand how special it is. And, whether these people are friends, a significant other, colleagues or family members...they don't have a right to do that.


Of course, it's not easy to literally say 'bye' to a toxic person. Maybe you still have to work with them, or they're a family member. But, they can certainly be held at arms length. I think it just takes a conscious decision to keep things short and to the point when you're not able to completely cut them out. In other words...they don't get the room they 'need' to create a fire where there isn't one, or the free reign to control you like some poor lab rat who didn't have a choice, smiling while they watch you struggle to navigate their mess of a maze. Toxic people often play God this way (their twisted version)...usually while preaching to you what good people they are, and that other people feel that way about them, too. Thing is, they don't really count friends...they count fools who fall for their act.

There's a difference.

So, in 2018 and beyond -- and as a new(ish) mom, I'll be my own diffuser with my own eucalyptus (and lemongrass, lavender and basil because their benefits are also amazing and who doesn’t love basil?!) — making the promise and commitment to not allow toxicity to permeate my happiness. Because, toxic folks don't realize they don't just mess with you -- their poison trickles down the line, affecting everyone around you like you have a disease no one else wants to catch. 

So, cure yourself. Take back your life and make it sweet.