Whiny Wednesday


Just some little rants to get you (and me) through hump day.

I’m so sick of seeing plastic bags flying around, and especially getting stuck in trees. Use reusable bags, people!

I didn’t watch a single episode of The Bachelor this season. I didn’t like Colton on The Bachelorette, and honestly I’m sick of the cast member repetition of the entire franchise.

(SN: I do, however, feel oddly invested in Wells and Sarah Hyland (Modern Family). They’re beyond adorable)

I love when people don’t leave dirty dishes on the counter or sink. They go in the dishwasher…or wash them. What a novel idea!

Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra. I don’t know why they annoy me, but they do. Maybe you know why they annoy me. Maybe it’s this eye-rolling Instagram post. I also think it’s their overexposure and perhaps her toddlerish ‘teehee’ laugh.


The “Sent from my iPhone” email signatures. Stop it. You can remove that. If you don't know how…Google it.

Folks on social media commenting with questions they know the answer to, just because they want attention. It’s obnoxious.

“Body after baby and how she lost the weight” tabloid stories. Also, “this is my real body after baby and I’m so proud of it!” stories/posts in response to those stories. Why can’t we just focus on how awesome our babies are?! Duh.

The habit I have of saying, “Oh, sorry” whenever I’m in an aisle at a store and “in someone’s way." I recently read an article on this that suggested I start saying things like “go ahead!” or “after you” instead. I also became obsessed with the movie A Simple Favor — and in it, Blake Lively’s character (a total sociopath but still) says, “You don’t have to apologize. For anything. Ever. It’s a f*cked up female habit” and SHE (or whoever wrote that line) IS RIGHT. I mean, I think apologizing is important but women tend to do it way too much about things we don't have to be sorry for.

Like ending blog posts without saying goodbye.