Kids and social media

I remember being mortified that my mom had an unflattering (according to me) photo of me on her desk at work. I told her I didn’t like that photo and yet — there it was — for all who entered her office to see. And, since she worked in the Capitol, a lot of people saw it.

But, nowadays, kids have to contend with their parents putting their faces on social media and documenting their milestones. I do it. It’s become the norm, really — for all of us to share our lives…funny moments, happy moments, sad moments, proud moments, etc.

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Whiny Wednesday

Just some little rants to get you (and me) through hump day.

I’m so sick of seeing plastic bags flying around, and especially getting stuck in trees. Use reusable bags, people!

I didn’t watch a single episode of The Bachelor this season. I didn’t like Colton on The Bachelorette, and honestly I’m sick of the cast member repetition of the entire franchise.

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