The skinny on (my) skincare


I recently had a wayyyy too flattering request to blog about skincare products I use after posting a photo on Instagram. So, here it is:

I’ve used Proactiv since I was 17 years old. So, for 20 years. I’ve strayed a few times but I’ve always come back because I have an oily t-zone and find Proactiv works best to keep it at bay. I use the simple three-step system and LOVE the toner. I will warn you, though - if you don’t already know, Proactiv’s active ingredient is benzoyl peroxide, so…use only white bed sheets/pillow cases or you will have bleach spots on them. Unless you’re into that look.

I also swear by No7 products. The Restore & Renew Face & Neck Serum is the B-E-S-T. It truly makes your skin softer, more supple (I gasped after using it for just a day) and smoother. I also use the Restore & Review eye cream. Speaking of eye cream…


I’ve tried a TON of different eye creams. I’m a bit obsessed, I think. I personally need a hydrating eye cream that can help somewhat with anti-aging I guess. I’ve tried expensive eye creams like CHANEL Le Lift, which I liked, but the price tag sucks, quite frankly. No7 is the clear winner thus far.


I don’t really use a daily moisturizer, and from living in SoCal, I know I should be wearing one with SPF, but…I don’t. Unless my skin is dry. When that happens, I have been faithful to Neutrogena Oil-Free with SPF 15 since I was…probably 15.

OH. HANDS. Seriously, I cannot stand dry hands, and my recent move has my hands begging for help. Cardboard boxes, packing tape and cold weather do not mix. I am obsessed with Kopari’s Coconut Melt and use that as an all-over body lotion as well as for my hands. But, when I’m on the go, I keep a tube of Aquaphor or Neutrogena Hand Cream, (Norwegian Formula, because I’m fancy like that) in my bag.

That’s really it. I once read somewhere that your daily skincare regimen should take no more than 5 minutes, and I try to live by that because who has time for anything more?!

Booties are in, peacoats are out

If you follow me on Instagram, you know I semi-regularly do these random polls in my IG Stories. I have fun making them, and from what I hear back - you have fun taking them!

So, here’s what we’ve learned in the latest batch. And, because I don’t get to take the polls, my answers are below the gallery.

  • short nails

  • never!

  • booties (although I DO love my Hunter tall boots)

  • tough, because I get a kick out of Cardi B, but I’ll pick cardigan because I have a lot

  • salted caramel

  • jeggings

  • no

  • nope

  • anorak

  • right

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I have questions (about fashion bloggers)


When I should be sleeping at night, I'm usually on the 'explore' tab of my Instagram (@vandenvogue), perusing a bunch of style/fashion bloggers. While my daily wardrobe now consists of joggers, jeans (if we're going out), hoodies/cardis and boots or sneakers, I still appreciate a chic style and I'll take any help I can get with applying eyeliner. But, while I'm appreciating these bloggers and their perfectly poised photos, I start to wonder what their days are truly like. Especially the mommy fashion bloggers. Girl. Get it. Don't know how you do it.

It's just...I have questions.

Honestly, it looks super hard. I mean, their hair is constantly coiffed and their makeup is flawless. I'm lucky if I have the energy to put on mascara, let alone a full set of lashes. At the rate they post - usually daily - it's like they have their outfits planned out for the week, down to the #sponsored Daniel Wellington watch or Diff sunglasses they all push on us. AND - those #ads are the only pieces of clothing/accessories I ever see them repeat. I used to be like that. IN HIGH SCHOOL. And no one was paying me to do it. Dammit.

Also - what's up with their poses? My favorite is the toes pointed inward...yeah, their shoes are cute, but I'd bet it's because if you stand like that, the thigh gap gets bigger and the thighs look smaller. Been there, practically invented that, but go on with your bad self.

And they're always outside, in front of some artsy staircase or graffiti'd wall. Where do they find the time to find these places, let alone go stand in front of it and take photos - and who is taking the photos?

Also also, a lot of them are constantly on vacation - Cabo, Italy, Tahiti, etc. - and they're thanking these resorts in the captions like the resorts PAID them to be there. IS THAT THE CASE? I think it is, in some cases.

How do some of the mommy fashion bloggers pop out these kids and go back to being a size 00 like two weeks later? I don't even want to know, so forget I asked. Except, one in particular is always in videos, jumping around sooo much while dance-exercising and I wonder if she ever accidentally pees herself a little.

 Le sigh.

Le sigh.

Personally, I've seen enough photos of cappuccinos next to peonies next to Chanel bags, with or without the 'casually' placed hand adorned with Cartier bracelets and midi rings to last me a lifetime. Ahhh...the leisurely coffee break. I'm just over here, sitting in the driveway with my Dunkin' because my toddler fell asleep in the car and I'm digging the tunes and quiet time. Sigh. But I'll "heart" the photo anyway.

I just realized it might sound like I'm jealous. Yeah, I am - if only just a little. But, I really think it's a lot of pressure for them to keep their feed current and maintain/grow their following. I wouldn't want that kind of pressure.

But I definitely wouldn't mind their shoe and bag collection.