My mom was visiting, and I needed to grab a few things from the grocery store, which happens to be a 3 minute walk/1 minute drive from my house. It was pretty hot and humid out, so I decided to walk - sans toddler - to get what I needed.

The shopping plaza has crosswalks, and there's a sign in it that says "Walk and shop!" or something like that. So, the town tries to foster walkability. That said, 8/10 times I walk there, I have to dodge a car while crossing a crosswalk. This time, I made it there OK with no issues, but on the way back, an older lady literally came within 10 feet of me before she stopped. I looked her dead in the eyes, and what did do?

She waved her hand at me hurriedly, as if to say, "Go! You're in my way!" Like I was a buzzing fly around her head.

I'm telling you. If she wasn't 90 years old, I would have went O-F-F. In fact, I debated telling her what I thought of her obviously emergent trip to STAPLES that could have cost me my life, but when she got out of her SUV and was all hunched over walking into the store, I figured I would just look like a 30-something harassing an elderly woman. I then thought of leaving a note, but I had perishable food, no pen, and again - she was literally 90 years old. Or at least looked it. Frustratingly enough, I had to just swallow my anger, take a deep breath and move on.


On the walk back home, I got to thinking about what it was that really ticked me off. Was it that she could have hit me? Yes, obviously. But, it was also her reaction to her mistake/carelessness. She didn't mouth "I'm sorry!" or look the least bit humbled. In fact, she looked mad at me - annoyed, and waved me on and out of the way. That's happened to me sooo many times before - with people of alllll different age groups - when I've started crossing in a crosswalk and they have to stop for me (the horror!), and then I'll see their arms waving me on like 'walk faster' or 'OK, I'll let you go, you're welcome, you annoying walker!" and it's like CAN YOU JUST NOT DO THAT?!

I know communication can be difficult when you've got the barrier of a car between you, but it doesn't have to be. Try to smile, say 'sorry!' or 'whoops!' even. Also try to remember that you're also a pedestrian when you step out of your vehicle.

/rant. Have a good day and watch out for humans!

Hi. Smile. Thank.

I saw these three words taped to all of the cash registers in my local supermarket, as a reminder to the cashiers. And, it made me feel weird. I didn't really know what it made me feel at first, but it definitely shocked me, initially, for a couple reasons.

1) Why do people need to be reminded to say 'hi' and 'thank you' to customers?

 Shove it.

Shove it.

2) SMILE? Really? I cannot stand it. I absolutely loathe being told to smile. When I worked for a supermarket in high school, in the 90s, I was never told I had to smile. I was told I had to be polite. Period. Good customer service. Period. When I worked for hospitals and medical practices, I was often told by older male patients whose surgery I was scheduling that I "should smile more." I'd be like, I'm sorry. I'm busy focusing on scheduling your cardiac clearance and making sure you understand you cannot take aspirin/ibufprofen within two weeks of your surgery date and YES THAT INCLUDES ALEVE COME ON but hold on let me pause and give you a smile like I'm trying to sell you a new suit. *eyeroll*

Back to the signs.

I have to be honest and tell you I couldn't care less if the cashier at a supermarket is smiling at me. I appreciate a 'hello, how are you?' but I truly care more that they don't squish my bread/eggs if I'm not bagging myself. I don't think you have to be smiling in order to provide good, efficient customer service. AND - I also know that if I worked there and found those annoying, degrading reminders staring me in the face during my shift, I'd smile a helluva lot less.

In fact, I'm thinking of reaching out to the store to let them know that as a customer, I find those signs ridiculous. Thoughts?

What's your go-to summer sandal?

Tony Little Cheeks.png

I have a shoe addiction. I admit it and I'm not ashamed. I love them all -- except I don't wear a lot of heels anymore like I used That pretty much stopped when we moved to California, and then having Owen. I haven't tried, but I assume it isn't easy to balance a toddler and grocery bags in 4" stilettos. If you do that...I worship you.

Now that summer is pretty much here, what with Memorial Day just behind us, I'm living in sandals. I have quite a few pairs, but oddly enough, I wear the flip flops pictured -- they're called Cheeks by Tony Little. Yes, the "You can DO IT!" guy with the ponytail. And...don't laugh at me, but...I bought them on HSN. I found them because my mom bought a pair and she's all, "Oh my GOSH these are sooo comfortable!" and you know what? SHE.WAS.RIGHT. So, I bought a pair and now we match when we're together. Super cool. /sarcasm. They're not the prettiest, no...but truthfully, they don't look as bad on as you think they would.


(SN: I can't find the leopard pair for sale anywhere except eBay, but here's the link to the other available options on HSN, which seems to be the only site that sells them)

There have been days when I thought I'd wear fancier sandals to run errands or something, and I was like..." Where are my Tony's?" They're just my go-to's I guess. They don't slide off my foot and they make walking feel...easier, if that makes sense. I really need to make use of the other sandals I have, though - because I do have some super cute ones. It's just a matter of talking myself into it.


What are your go-to sandals?