What's your go-to summer sandal?

Tony Little Cheeks.png

I have a shoe addiction. I admit it and I'm not ashamed. I love them all -- except I don't wear a lot of heels anymore like I used to...like every.single.day. That pretty much stopped when we moved to California, and then having Owen. I haven't tried, but I assume it isn't easy to balance a toddler and grocery bags in 4" stilettos. If you do that...I worship you.

Now that summer is pretty much here, what with Memorial Day just behind us, I'm living in sandals. I have quite a few pairs, but oddly enough, I wear the flip flops pictured -- they're called Cheeks by Tony Little. Yes, the "You can DO IT!" guy with the ponytail. And...don't laugh at me, but...I bought them on HSN. I found them because my mom bought a pair and she's all, "Oh my GOSH these are sooo comfortable!" and you know what? SHE.WAS.RIGHT. So, I bought a pair and now we match when we're together. Super cool. /sarcasm. They're not the prettiest, no...but truthfully, they don't look as bad on as you think they would.


(SN: I can't find the leopard pair for sale anywhere except eBay, but here's the link to the other available options on HSN, which seems to be the only site that sells them)

There have been days when I thought I'd wear fancier sandals to run errands or something, and I was like..."actually...no. Where are my Tony's?" They're just my go-to's I guess. They don't slide off my foot and they make walking feel...easier, if that makes sense. I really need to make use of the other sandals I have, though - because I do have some super cute ones. It's just a matter of talking myself into it.


What are your go-to sandals?

Peanut butter in public?!

 image via cafemom

image via cafemom

Whenever I make a Target run, I always pack a lunch or snack for my busy 20-month-old, because it makes shopping less hectic when he's content sitting in a cart. Sometimes, his lunch includes a PB sandwich, folded in half.

I'm not a germophobe, but I do bring my own disinfectant wipes to wipe down the shopping cart before and after returning it to the cart corral. Because...people are gross. People wipe their noses with their hands, sneeze, cough and so do their kids riding in the cart, including mine. Flu season was awful, so...better safe than sorry. I also realize that by doing this, I'm ensuring that I've removed any grossness and/or peanut butter that lingers on the cart, in case the next user - kid or adult - has an allergy.

A mom was recently shamed and attacked online for giving her daughter a PB sandwich in a Target cart. Apparently, a stranger approached her in the store and when the mom took to the Internet for opinion...the flood gates opened. This mom was called "disgusting", "inconsiderate" and - my personal favorite - "a hillbilly." Here's the thread on Urban Baby. That hillbilly comment came from someone who says she would prefer to feed her child in the car rather than a shopping cart, by the way. Perhaps she also thinks breastfeeding should be done in the bathroom, I don't know.

Anyway, my personal opinion on this is simple - if your child has allergies, and you’re worried about shopping carts, please bring disinfectant wipes and take it upon yourself to make sure the cart is clear for your child. Why are you relying on strangers? Not everyone is going to do what you want in life, and I've seen lots of parents return the carts without cleaning them, so why do you trust that stranger before you didn't have/eat peanut butter? I don't mean to sound harsh, but I do think it just takes some common sense. Yes, I realize allergies can be deadly. So can the flu, especially to children. WIPE DOWN THE CART. So many stores offer wipes at their entrance for this reason.

Now, let's talk about mom-shaming. Stop it. Why do we do this?! This mom was asking for opinions on the topic - not what you think of her as a person or a mother. Honestly. I admit - I've been rather judgy of some moms before I became a mother myself, but once I did - MY GOD. Talk about humility. I repent my past mom-shaming sins, nod my head and high-five you for however you get through the day, mommas. So, I just don’t get the hate and shame. 

No, I don't know what it's like to have a child who has a peanut allergy. And, after hearing about this mom, I wonder what my "reaction" would be if a stranger approached me and my child in a store.

Maybe one day I'll find out.