Tell me your favorite + I'll tell you mine


Online shopping site/app? Currently loving Hannaford’s To-Go curbside service. For non-food, I have to say I’m a fan of the Target app because I can make a shopping list there, even if it’s something I don’t get at Target. Also, I love the ‘pick up in store’ option.

Brand of boots? Hunter, currently.

Store for kid’s clothing? Carter’s doesn’t fit Owen well at all, and never did, thanks to his broad shoulders. So, we’re typically at Macy’s for labels like Ralph Lauren and other generous-sized brands.

Type of flower in a vase on your table? Hydrangeas, hands-down.

Thing you’re most looking forward to for warmer weather? Watching Owen run around in our backyard, and getting him a playground set.

Way to end an argument? “OK.”

Snack — savory or sweet? I usually reach for savory/salty — cheese + crackers or chips/pretzels with spicy mustard.

Music — band/album/station to leave on as background noise? Mine is currently “Alexa, play coffee house music” because it’s a mix of tunes I like to think I’d hear walking into a cool coffee shop.

Nail polish color? Asking for me, I’ve hit a wall with black and reds.

Brand of lounge/yoga/jogger pants? Also asking for me — I need a refresher.


Slippers? I’m obsessed with these Dearfoams Ballet Slippers (photo above, obvs) my mom got me for Christmas. I feel like I’ve been searching for years for the perfect slipper because so many of them feel chunky and I don’t like feeling I have bear feet. So, these are literally like wearing ballet flats but even more comfortable. I want more. TIP: If you do get these, I recommend going a size down because they stretch slightly. I’m normally a 7.5 and the Medium (7-8) were too big after stretching and the Small (5-6) are perfect. Go figure.

Movie to watch more than once? I’ve watched A Simple Favor three times, now. I read the book and loved it — and while the movie is not exactly like the book, I have to say that Blake Lively is chic as f*** in this movie.

Meal to make? I’m into Crockpot dinners — so for winter my faves are stew or a rump roast with carrots and rice.

TV show? Right now, I’m obsessed with I’m Sorry on truTV/Netflix. It stars Andrea Savage as a hilarious, vulgar, self-deprecating but also know-better-than-you mom and I cannot get enough. Season two starts 1/16 so catch up!

Bad weather activity? Also asking because I need ideas. Bonus points for a local recommendation!

Will I miss NJ?

DID YOU KNOW?! We’re moving again. This time, we’re planting some roots and heading back to where we came from - the good ol’ Capital Region in Upstate NY. Yippee!

via Yelp

via Yelp

So, here are some things I’ll miss about NJ:

There’s this amazing marinara sauce from a pizza place called Ritacco Brothers and their pizza is also very, very good. It became our regular pizza place. But, we ordered mozz sticks one time and the marinara sauce that came with the sticks was…legit. Not too sweet and not tart. Not too thick and not watery. Literally…perfection.

Being walking distance from Target. I’m feeling bittersweet about this one, though - because obviously it’ll be better for my wallet.

Montclair. Downtown Montclair is so adorable. I love parking in the garage, and taking Owen out in his stroller to check out this cool metaphysical shop called Blu Lotus, as well as Anthropologie and this great little French bakery for some macarons and café. Montclair is very Brooklyn without actually being Brooklyn.

Shopping, in general. The malls are soooo great. There’s literally any store you can think of within a 30 minute radius. Nordstrom, Bloomingdale’s, Neiman Marcus, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Tiffany & Co., Tory Burch, etc. etc. etc.

So.many.parks. They don’t call it The Garden State for nothing. I know when you think New Jersey, you probably think city, concrete - maybe even a little industrial, but there’s so much green everywhere. And, they’re so kid-friendly and always building new playgrounds.


How it’s consistently 10 degrees warmer than Upstate New York. I remember one time, I was leaving NY and driving back down to Jersey, and I left in a sweater and by the time I pulled into my neighborhood, I was sweating and couldn’t wait to rip that sweater off as I watched people jogging by in shorts and tanks.

I found an amazing pediatrician. She’s amazing. I’m slightly obsessed with her and how energetic, efficient, friendly and superbly intelligent she is. Seriously - the way this office runs is a mom’s dream. I think pediatricians are super important and having a good relationship with your child’s doctor is key. So, I hope I find a pediatrician I adore just as much Upstate. Any suggestions are welcome!

I also have a fantastic hair stylist and I’m really going to miss our chats and how she makes me love my hair and fight the urge to chop it off when I get to the awkward length. Again, any suggestions are welcome - especially if they’re a balayage expert.

While I know folks Upstate are, for the most part, friendly, I bet you would be surprised to know that Jersians are also very nice. Unlike California, where some people wouldn’t even say ‘excuse me’ or make small talk with you at all.

Here’s what I won’t miss about New Jersey:

Traffic. Specifically, how a destination can be 1.2 miles away and your estimated time of arrival is in 25 minutes. Also, some people drive crazy as hell.

Street parking. I’m a good parallel parker, but it’s an added stressor when you are running late and have to find a spot, park and then walk. Also, make sure you have change for meters.


The industrial vibe, in some places. The air just doesn’t feel as clean. I kid you not, it’s highly obvious that one breathes better Upstate.

Grocery stores are kinda weak. Produce isn’t as fresh and inventory can be hit or miss, because of the dense population. I mean, the potato and onion bin at Stop and Shop is the stuff I imagine Hell to be made of. Flies and rot.

Hmmm. I think that’s it. I might think of more things I’ll miss/won’t miss a damn bit after I post this so let’s move this convo on over to Facebook, shall we?



My mom was visiting, and I needed to grab a few things from the grocery store, which happens to be a 3 minute walk/1 minute drive from my house. It was pretty hot and humid out, so I decided to walk - sans toddler - to get what I needed.

The shopping plaza has crosswalks, and there's a sign in it that says "Walk and shop!" or something like that. So, the town tries to foster walkability. That said, 8/10 times I walk there, I have to dodge a car while crossing a crosswalk. This time, I made it there OK with no issues, but on the way back, an older lady literally came within 10 feet of me before she stopped. I looked her dead in the eyes, and what did do?

She waved her hand at me hurriedly, as if to say, "Go! You're in my way!" Like I was a buzzing fly around her head.

I'm telling you. If she wasn't 90 years old, I would have went O-F-F. In fact, I debated telling her what I thought of her obviously emergent trip to STAPLES that could have cost me my life, but when she got out of her SUV and was all hunched over walking into the store, I figured I would just look like a 30-something harassing an elderly woman. I then thought of leaving a note, but I had perishable food, no pen, and again - she was literally 90 years old. Or at least looked it. Frustratingly enough, I had to just swallow my anger, take a deep breath and move on.


On the walk back home, I got to thinking about what it was that really ticked me off. Was it that she could have hit me? Yes, obviously. But, it was also her reaction to her mistake/carelessness. She didn't mouth "I'm sorry!" or look the least bit humbled. In fact, she looked mad at me - annoyed, and waved me on and out of the way. That's happened to me sooo many times before - with people of alllll different age groups - when I've started crossing in a crosswalk and they have to stop for me (the horror!), and then I'll see their arms waving me on like 'walk faster' or 'OK, I'll let you go, you're welcome, you annoying walker!" and it's like CAN YOU JUST NOT DO THAT?!

I know communication can be difficult when you've got the barrier of a car between you, but it doesn't have to be. Try to smile, say 'sorry!' or 'whoops!' even. Also try to remember that you're also a pedestrian when you step out of your vehicle.

/rant. Have a good day and watch out for humans!